Payment methods

Accepted payment methods

For purchases made in the country and international Grund Online Store supports the following secure payment methods

Bank Card

Visa and Mastercard bank cards are accepted. When you make a transaction on our platform you enjoy speed, comfort, security and confidence. The platform's servers are SSL Encrypted and your transactions are verified using the 3D Secure method, so no one has access to your personal information or bank card details used.

Bank Transfer

Payment is made by payment order directly to the association's account mentioned in the ads dedicated to each product. After making the payment order the buyer is advised to send the confirmation in writing to the email address displayed on the platform to the contact section.


Suggested payment method for use for large amounts, usually for international payments. A verified account Paypal for any buyer is required. The invoice will be issued after the payment has been clarified and the product will be delivered within three days of the invoice being issued. The Address of your Grund Online Store account is mentioned in the content of your ads.

Other payment methods

In addition to the main payment methods, Grund Online Store also supports other payment methods


Online payment via Bitcoin virtual currency is accepted on our platform and is made at the exchange rate offered by the platform that is responsible for implementing this method. All transactions are SSL secure.


The refund payment is used in special cases, following a written request to our email address. The buyer orders the product from the platform and will pay on delivery.

personal lifting

It is a payment method accepted by our platform and can be done at one of the working decks of the Grund association. It is the method used only for buyers who can present themselves in Bucharest.

Why buy from GRUND Online Store?

In addition to the comfort and safety (SSL encrypted) offered by the online platform, every purchase you make from GRUND Online Store will support contemporary art, education and the cultural act. It will add to supporting the work of the artists we work with and the non-profit organization through which we promote and produce contemporary art in Romania. The products and works of art exhibited on the GRUND platform, with the possibility of purchase, are created by emerging artists. These are unique results of the work of artists in our community and aim to support the organization. The selection by GRUND Online Store is based on authentic and assumed artistic criteria. Both professionals in the practical and theoretical sphere of art and collaborators in fields such as architecture and interior design are involved. They will give you advice in certain cases.

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