About us

As a cultural operator in the contemporary art sector in Romania, the GRUND community has been producing, exhibiting and supporting emerging art free of constraint since 2016.

Grund was born spontaneously on the initiative of some art students. We follow the production, support and exhibition of contemporary art in Romania. It is an open, experimental, alternative emerging art platform that seeks to attract new collaborators, partners and specialists. It functions as an interface for the artistic activities of a community of young artists. We operate in Bucharest, Romania and make national and international connections.

About us

The goals of the association according to the statutes are: to support and promote emerging artists, to create synergy within the artistic field and between cultural environments, to produce cultural goods and to exhibit them. Other purposes are given by research in the field of visual arts, both at the practical and theoretical level, experiment, alternative exposure, documentation, and archiving.

All events and projects carried out by our community have involved, involve and will involve both active members of the association and individual operators or invited legal entities.

Our community confirms its openness to new collaborators, regardless of their background, as long as they are consistent with the status and objectives of the community. We invite dialogue, design and implementation of joint projects, any individual or legal operator. It has the opportunity to manifest unhindered desires, ideas or proposals for cultural projects that can add to the creation of contemporary art in Romania and everywhere.

Name of the organization

The name of the association has a direct artistic significance. The primer, in the techniques of the painting of the saddle and beyond, is the first layer that sits on the canvas. The primer layer is pre-order of any painting, any two-dimensional, well-made technical, enduring artwork. The word primer is taken from the philosophical construction of Martin Heidegger. It appears in the form of the German language Grunden and represents one of the three meanings of Stiftung (a ctitori). For community work, primer is the soil on which it is based. It is the first layer that participates in the reading, in the foundation of the activity. It's the primary initiative, start to do.


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